Sustainable rental laundry

through reprocessing

As one of the oldest industries in the world, we reprocess used textiles day after day and restore them to their original state – sustainably and environmentally friendly. Our own deep wells, a fully biological water treatment plant and photovoltaic systems are just some of the pillars of our efforts to contribute to a sustainable future for future generations.

Sustainability, ethics and environmental protection

At Diener, environmental protection is of central importance. We attach great importance to the responsible use of resources and compliance with all environmental regulations. In addition, we are actively engaged in the areas of social welfare, charity, ethical business conduct and employee safety in order to make a comprehensive contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Involvement in environmental and sustainability initiatives

Environmental protection and sustainability are close to our hearts. Our commitment was also recognized in 2024 when we received the Silver Award from Ecovadis, which acknowledges our efforts in this area. In addition, we publish our supplier self-disclosure on Integrity Nexta supplier rating platform that aims to promote ethical and social standards.

Social Commitment

We attach great importance to the well-being of our employees. We are committed to fair working conditions and a healthy working environment. We also support local communities and social projects to make a positive contribution to society.

Supplier Relations

When maintaining our relationships with suppliers, it is important to us that they share our values and standards in terms of sustainability and ethics. We strengthen trust in our supply chain through transparent and fair business practices.

Efficient water and heat cycles

All operating processes are designed to use water and energy efficiently. By using heat exchangers in exhaust air and water systems, we achieve high recovery rates. We also purify process water to drinking water quality in our own fully biological water treatment plant. This innovative system recovers around 60% of the fresh water used and was a pioneering pilot project when it was introduced.

Sustainable detergents and environmentally friendly fuel

The selection of our detergents is made with the environmental aspect in mind. We use a modular system where every component is biodegradable. In addition, we rely on natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel for steam generation in our laundry.

Low Emission Zone Compliant Delivery Vehicles

Our delivery vehicles meet the strict Euro 6 emission standard and are equipped with clean engines of the latest generation. This allows us to enter any environmental zone and reliably supply our customers.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to supporting environmental protection in the long term. Through an efficient ecological and economic cycle, we can guarantee the longevity of our textiles and the reuse of transport and packaging containers.


In order to ensure a fast and smooth service, as well as the highest level of comfort and satisfaction, our quality management system is supported by the following principles, to which we are committed:

Emission reduction

Heat recovery in the production process, use of environmentally friendly means of transport, ecologically oriented route planning and driving training

Careful use of resources

Use of environmentally tested technology, energy-minimised washing and care processes as well as the use of efficient, environmentally relevant washing, cleaning and auxiliary materials; Continuous optimisation of resource consumption

Precautionary measures against environmental emergencies

Active safety measures, including testing of rules of conduct to avoid environmentally harmful emergencies

Environmental Audits

Regular correction of all operating processes, taking into account the environmental impact

Environmental protection

Responsible use of resources through environmentally conscious technology, processes and aids.


Transfer of know-how in committees and associations to improve our environmental protection performance; Collaboration with environmentally conscious suppliers

Waste prevention

Reduction and recycling of waste, use of reusable packaging materials as well as use and processing of reusable textiles

Legal Compliance

We comply with the applicable environmental laws and relevant binding obligations, thus ensuring the legal security of our company

Health & Safety

We train our employees on our health, safety and environmental policies. In doing so, we keep the environment, occupational safety and health of all company employees and customers in mind as our major concerns. We are constantly looking for ways to improve compliance with these principles and our environmental performance, including by working with our suppliers and customers.

No compromises:
Hygienic cleanliness for your confidence

The well-being and safety of your customers, guests and employees are particularly important to us. That's why we attach particular importance to hygienically treated textiles in our laundries.

Germs and viruses don't stand a chance with us – thanks to our strict hygienic washing processes with thermal or chemo-thermal disinfection, we offer you the best protection and the highest level of safety.

All washing processes used are regularly checked and revalidated by our hygiene team in accordance with the RABC EN 14065:2016 standards (Risk Analysis and Control System Biocontamination). In addition, all our processes are regularly checked for effectiveness by the independent Hohenstein Institute and confirmed by RAL certificates.

With the hygiene certifications according to RAL 992-1/2/3 and EN 14065:2016 (RABC), we set the highest standards. Unannounced hygiene checks by the Hohenstein Institute as well as regular self-checks by our hygiene team and our detergent suppliers ensure compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

Digital Whistleblowing Reporting Portal

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